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We need your help to ensure that millions of children in Africa have an education and a better future." - Nelson Mandela

Your donation makes a huge difference, because we keep our costs low by leveraging local community partnerships and, wherever possible, other national and international development efforts.

These are examples of what your money can do:

  • $ 5 – a set of textbooks for 1 child in Guinea Bissau

  • $ 10 – learner kit for 1 student in Mozambique and Mali which contains a bag, stationary, mini atlas, maths tables

  • $ 20 to develop and distribute gender responsive teaching and learning materials for improved quality of education for one school in Ethiopia

  • $ 45 – learning materials for 10 children in Zimbabwe and Malawi

  • $ 125 – 3 day training workshop for a teacher in Rwanda benefiting about 1,200 children

  • $ 250 – school-in-a-box kit in Burkina Faso which contains learning materials for 80 school children and includes transportation cost

  • $ 500 – teaching materials and recreation equipment for one classroom in Angola

  • $ 3,000 – the construction of play spaces in 100 schools in Mozambique, to benefit 70,000 children

  • $ 4,800 – installment of a safe water point in a school in Madagascar

  • $ 14,000 – construction of 1 classroom in Niger

"Your gift of education is the chance of a better life. With your help, we can give hope to children like Safiatou to be equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities."

Imagine what you and UNICEF could do for children like Safiatou. Donate now to help transform their families, their communities - and their countries.

Education is the key to a better future - for children, for their parents, and for the entire country."

Harry Belafonte
entertainer, civil rights activist
and UNICEF ambassador


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Help us to raise $50m. © Giacomo Pirozzi
© UNICEF Children sitting in a school being built by the community members themselves, Mozambique. © UNICEF

© UNICEFEntertainer and human rights advocate Harry Belafonte is an active campaigner for Africa’s children, particularly in the areas of education and HIV/AIDS © UNICEF